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Heading off to bed night (:

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Back To Me | Stefan & Olivia 


Olivia was at home in bed listening to some music while writing down a few of her thoughts. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed since the day in the cellar with Stefan, all she knew was that as each day passed it was getting harder and harder for her to put on a brave face and pretend that everything was just fine. She knew that she had said she wouldn’t be the broody one between the two of them, but she couldn’t help it. She often had nightmares of Stefan being away and not coming back, or the ripper taking over taking away everything good in Stefan. She woke up crying dripping with sweat and would end up just staying away clutching her pillow tightly as if it could help her get through it all. She finished up her last line in her journal and stared at the words. I’m never giving up. She repeated these words over and over again.

She went to see Stefan a couple of times a week, just to keep the hope that she had that he would soon come back to her. Her house was empty, Grace was staying at the boarding house and offered for her to stay there as well, but she couldn’t. She knew she’d end up in Stefan’s room crying and she didn’t want Damon or Grace to think that she couldn’t handle what was going on.

She made her way downstairs to get some water to try and calm herself. She ended up sitting in front of the tv not really watching whatever was on. Finally after nothing seemed to help take her mind off of things she headed to bed. She changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed reaching across from her at the empty place where Stefan should have been and once again found herself crying. She ended up crying herself to sleep, the tears staining her pillow cases.

Stefan was finally a free man, today was his last day of being stuck in that chair, in the disturbing room full of the smell of burnt flesh and blood. He had the toughest two weeks any man can endure. It was actually worse than the time that he had disappeared from Mystic Falls and that was saying something. He was burnt raw, he was offered blood over and over again in a tease and when he actually got it he was able to control himself. He didn’t know how his brother did it but he did. Stefan was able to walk in the streets without needing to jump the humans that passed by him, it was like they were people rather than his next meal and he didn’t truly need their blood to calm his thirst. The worse part of it all was being away from Olivia, she couldn’t stay in the cellar like that first day that she had seen him but she did pass by a few days in the those two weeks. He could tell this sudden separation was wearing her down, she seemed lees like his Olivia. She became a shell of who that girl was. Her facade might work on other people but not once did it work on him, he knew she wasn’t herself anymore. 

Once he came out he went to the cabin, took a shower and changed himself into his regular clothing. He stared at himself in the mirror and fixed his hair. He took in deep breathes as his way to prepare of himself to seeing her again. He missed her so damn much, it took everything in him not to break everything to pieces and be there for her when he saw how broken she truly was. And he knew he was the reason for it and that little fact made his heart ache, badly. He grabbed his keys and flashed down to the basement. He flipped the fridge’s lid open and took one blood bag. He stared at it for a few moments before taking of it’s top and sucking the blood out. He took in deep breathes and was able to keep the veins under control. After he was done he threw the empty bag in the trash and blurred all the way to her home. 

Once he made it to the Fell’s home, he went to her door but didn’t knock. Stefan didn’t want to wake anyone else who was in the house with her so he went to the back of the house hoping that her window was open like it always was when he used to come to the house. He climbed up the tree and a smile found his lips as he saw the window was indeed open. He jumped from the tree to the window and came inside her room, he let out a soft sigh when he saw her lying on her bed so helpless and fragile. He walked up to where she laid and took off his sweater. He laid down next to her, then brought his body closer to hers and kissed her nose lightly while he touched her cheek. That was when he noticed the dry tears that was on either sides of her face and just brought his body even closer to hers. When her eyes opened up he softly smiled at her “Hey.” he whispered with a smile. 

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It’s Not Over | Olivia & Stefan 


Olivia smiled at Stefan’s words glad that he felt the same. She knew that he did, but there was just something about hearing it that always made her feel better about things. She couldn’t wait for him to be out of there and back with her where he belonged. She kept her hand in his and looked at him lovingly. “I can’t wait.” She said softly smiling as she said so. She kept her tight grip of his hand and just sat there staring at him unable to say anything else, only because she knew there was nothing else to say. She would stay with him until he asked her to leave.

He smiled at her with their eyes still connected, whenever she stared at him Stefan swore that she was able to see through his soul. He felt the same when he stated at her as well, he could see all her emotions just by one look into her eyes. He could tell how much she loved and cared for him just by looking into those beautiful brown eyes. He wanted to be out of this chair already and be with her. Even though he knew he was not ready and wouldn’t be ready for a while, he still would like to be able to hug her and keep her close. But, for now just sitting here in peace and quiet with her was all he needed. 

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Falling asleep, so I’m heading off to bed night (: